Our Story

Fortan was born in Scotland out of a love of mountain biking, the adrenaline of hitting the trails & getting into the hills exploring with mates.

What is most apparent from our own and other riders experience is how there is an ongoing urge to push your boundaries to further develop your skills, from doing that nemisis trail, hitting that jump, or simply managing that extra few miles. Our motto ‘Make Life Brave’ encompasses this way of thinking.

Our Philosophy

It is quite simple, to provide a lifestyle brand of great quality clothing for like-minded people that want to keep active, and to create a community for our customers who can share their own experiences of pushing their own boundaries.

We strive to have as minimal impact on our environment as possible, with the use of 100% recyclable packaging, selecting quality fabrics with as many from organic and recycled sources as we can, and continuing to improve as we go on our journey.